Tuesday, February 22, 2011

L'apprenti Cafe UPM

Don't know what to eat?
Feeling weary of eating the same kind of food everyday?
L'apprenti Cafe would be the best choice for you
it is located beside the front door of
Faculty of Food Science and Technology, UPM
There are various kind of delicious foods provided
Let's have a look~~

Nasi Lemak RM2.00
L'apprenti Fried Rice RM3.00

Vege Fried Mee Hoon RM3.00
Putra Mamak Mee RM3.00

Mayo with Smoked Onion & Tuna Filling RM3.00
Turkey Ham & Cheese RM3.00

Egg Sandwich RM2.00

Home Made Smoked Salmon RM3.50

Slice Tomato Cheddar Cheese RM2.50

Danish Pastries RM1.50

Assorted Juice RM1.50

Various Can Drinks

Nescafe RM2.00

Dutch Lady RM1.50

Kaya Whirl RM1.50

Apple Strudel RM1.50

Vege Pizza RM3.00 per slice

Sausage Pizza RM3.50 per slice

Potato Curry Puff RM2.00

Tandoori Chicken Puff 3pcs for RM2.50

Chocolate Roll RM1.50

Chicken Pie RM2.00

Sardine Puff RM1.50

Coffee Cheese Cake RM4.00 per slice

Oreo Cheese Cake RM4.50 per slice

Carrot Walnut RM3.00 per slice

Black Forest Cake RM3.00 per slice

Blueberry Cake RM2.50 per slice


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